NishHair Reviews

"I currently have been using the same nish hair since September 2010 I wash & condition it every week & it's still in a new condition state, as long as I can remember I have used "real hair" that only ever lasted a few weeks and was inexpensive, this hair is a true investment & I wish I found it sooner as I would of saved in the long r...un.The hair is light weight,tangle free,free flowing & blends with your own hair easy. :)",  Tracey

"I've used Nish hair and I must say it is great, very light and soft, naturally wavy can be straightened easily, I wash it everyweek after swimming and its still in great condition!!! :)", Dahlia

"that hair it realy graet I used it two time now and it's still soft and doesn't stick ! it'is realy a good nish hair." Pamela

"I personally experienced it, was very feeling natural because it is not heavy and i cannot wait to buy more. Why not, they are affordable." Sonia, London